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Section II: Reference Material

Chapter 13. Treasures

Within the various dungeons in Strive for Power you may pick up several items that are magical. These are easy to spot because in your equipment list they are listed as identified "No" and Powers "Unknown". These items vary from articles of clothing or jewelry, to weapons and various other items. There are several basic type of items which are detailed below. Before one can use these items they need to be identified, this can be done either by a party with the ability to identify items (who may charge a fee) or by the mages in the Tower of Flogiston. This tower is located in the wilderness and although we could reveal its location here it is also possible to reveal it through use of streetwise or even by talking to other parties.

Once an item has been identified they can be used in different ways, some can be activated through the Use Item command, whilst others are continuous, some can even be used in combat through the use of magic.

Quest Items These items may seem to be worthless however when collected together in appropriate groupings they can be used to complete the quests found in the dungeons. If completed the party will be rewarded with an item that has several special abilities.
Wands These items have limited charges of a specific spell. The identify spell does not reveal the number of charges. The wand will enable the holder to cast the spell a specific number of times (normally for an AP cost of 1). Only Magus and a Priest may use this magic item, however the wand may be selected within the Magic options within Combat settings. Using a wand can reduce the number of AP's used out of combat and increase the firepower of your mages before they have to rest.
Potions So far the only potions found have been one use healing potions. However these are very potent and can cure between 100 and at least 400 hit points of damage in a single AP. Clearly, once drunk they are gone, but for someone who wishes to heal a badly injured fighter quickly and carry on adventuring without spending a lot of AP's and MP's casting heal spells it is useful.
Scrolls Scrolls are the only known way for your magus to increase the number of spells he is able to cast. Whilst it may be possible to cast a scroll at an individual it will be more effective to learn the new spell or if you have the spell already try to sell it to another less fortunate party. Remember though that if you want to shortly recruit a new magus into you party it may be worth holding onto one or two scrolls for him to learn and quickly expand his repertoire.
Weapons Weapons normally come with several special abilities detailed below but they may also increase the damage down by the weapon, by twice or even thrice normal.
Armour In the same way that weapons increase damage it is believed that armour can decrease the damage done to a character.
Special ability There are two kinds of special ability. One lists a skill or spell and then a number such as "Plate 17", this will immediately increase the Plate skill level of the character by 17 as soon as the item is equipped. It is a passive benefit and never reduces or increases unless the character removes the item. The second, and most powerful allows the character to cast a spell, for example "Cast Fire Bolt" - Note that any class can use these items, therefore it is possible for non-magi to cast spells. To use these items cost 10AP's however the cost is nothing if they are used in combat. This can be done within the magic settings.