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Section I : Getting Started

Chapter 7: Tips

This chapter gives players a few tips about playing the game, whilst not spoilers they might help some parties in surviving longer and using AP's more effectively.
  • Using Magic in combat does not cost additional AP's, healing wounded characters is especially effective. However is you have one character with a single hit point of damage and one with 40, rest for 2 AP's before entering the next combat. Take care to have Spell Components for your Magi at all times!
  • Strength and Endurance affect encumbrance, using bless spells on the most heavily loaded can reduce movement rates significantly.
  • Always make a map. Always move onto every square when making it. Don't assume a dead end is a dead end. There may be an entrance to a lower level.
  • Rest often! It is better to spend 50 more ap's on resting than entering combat losing a char and having to save up enormous amounts of gold again. Resting gains you both HP's and MP's!
  • In the beginning take everything you find with you, all equipment is worth something. Later, drop heavy stuff: it will save you a lot of ap's and will not cost you much gold.
  • At all times be aware of the capabilities and settings of your party. Be sure how your chars are lined up, be sure about their health, be sure about the enemies you are going to face!
  • Use coaches and boats when you have to get in a specific place, but don't randomly travel the Old World. Plan everything you do and try do everything you plan.
  • If you have questions, ask them before doing stupid things. There will often be an experienced player online on the chat or there might be written something about your problem on the forum.