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Section II: Reference Material

Chapter 9: Cities and Towers of Magic

Cities and Towers are places where there is a lot more to do than in the open lands. One can find means of transport to other cities there, other parties to interact with, quests that need to be done, blacksmiths that make weapons, traders or even the fortified buildings of famous party alliances.


In cities there are basic quests and rewards for a specific Monster Body Part. In the latter, one type of MBP (eg goblin ears or troll tooth) can be exchanged for gold.

The others are more advanced and require different amounts of different MBP's as well as amounts of Spell Components. They pay off well good compared with the value of the items you sell(meaning that SC's have a value of 2 gold and MBP's 5 gold when rewarded. So taking one of this quests will cost you between 100 and 400 gold (in items, not cash), while you get 500-1000 gold cash for them).

In Magic Towers, advanced quests are found. To complete these, you need specific magic items, that normally give no other benefit. If you complete them you will be rewarded with at least one magic item.


In cities the local blacksmith and herbwoman will have weapons and spell components for sale. You can buy them by clicking the buy item button but remember that weapons in cities are expensive and that when you sell, prices are a lot lower. You can sell your spare stuff to local traders by use of the sell stuff button.

Party Interaction

As you know, you can chat with other parties through the chat on the right (you can change its position if you are paying) and sometimes you will make deals about selling items. When you are in a square with other parties, other parties may have set selling orders and you can thus buy from them. Each item you buy costs you 1 AP (eg buying 20 dem flowers from someone cost you 20 AP's because you can only buy them individually. Suggestion, when making deals is that you use the transfer orders: you can transfer as many as you want of an item for one AP.


In some cities there are alliance halls. At the moment there are only three of them. When you see an alliance building in a city you can enter it, when you enter you can issue an application for membership of the alliance. The alliance leader will have to agree and will probably demand a fee(this is caused by the high costs of constructing such a building).

If you have enough gold yourself, you can choose to build an alliance building yourself. Your alliance will receive an ID and you will give it a name. Other parties passing will maybe one day join. A good strategy on alliances is that you work on an alliance before creating the building itself. We mean that you help each other, give discounts when trading and give advice. When you are ready to raise the 500000 gold needed for the building you can do it and have a measure of trust between you

Travelling between Cities

In most city there are several organizations that take care of transport to other cities. There are coaches and boats. Costs vary between 10 ap per party with 10 gold per char and 20 ap per party with 20 gold per char. If you have a steady gold income, we advise you to use this travelling methods. It's quick and saves you much of ap's but travelling by transport can easily cost up to 500 or more gold a day, all depends on how often and how many characters you play.