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Section I : Getting Started

Chapter 6: Improving your party


One of the goals for many parties is to improve their character's skills. Training costs 50 aps to complete. When your characters train, they will train all the skills they have used since the last time the party trained, the more they used their skills the more their skills may (yes may, not will) increase. High skills will take longer to increase than lower. Remember, it is useless to train a second time after you have trained this will give you nothing, just waste AP's. It doesn't matter how often you train, the game remembers how often you used your skills and uses this number in calculating the number of attempts you have to increase the skill during training.

Our advice: In the beginning train often, once for every 1000 aps you spend. Later in the game you can choose, but waiting longer will give you more chance in increasing the more difficult skills. Note that the rankings are spaced every 50,000 points so it is a good idea to train close to the top of each zone rather than early in the next to see how well your characters are progressing compared to your peers.


The main goal for most parties is, we think, getting more characters and making your party even more dreadful for the monsters. But, recruiting costs loads of gold. Every character under six costs 100 gold (to help your party back to five), the sixth 10000, the seventh 30000 and then it increases quickly (tenth costs one million). Besides recruiting new characters you can also spend gold on magic items that other parties may be selling or even building an alliance building. Currently this costs 500,000 gold coins, however you may want to team up with another party to create such a building. When you have enough gold for another character, go for it. But watch out, he will be weaker and less trained than the characters you have already, he will be as strong as your new born characters were and you will need to be careful about the monsters you meet and increase your retreat level to take account of his vulnerability. Go to some easier dungeons to train him up and make sure he is strong enough before doing any "valiant"(i.e. reckless) deeds.

Action Points, what to do with them and how to get more

Action Points (AP's) is the "currency" you do everything with in SfP. Movement costs ap's, selling items does, resting does in fact virtually everything does except viewing the current strengths of your party.

The movement cost (expressed in AP's) is mainly based on your load factor. A load factor of less than 50 will make you move at 1 AP cost in dungeons and at less than 10 on the plains. Load between 50 and 100 means 2 AP cost in dungeons and between 10 and 20 on the plains.
Hills, Forests and Swamps cost twice the movement on plains. Deep Forest costs 2.5 times the ap's needed when travelling plains. Mountains have a triple plain cost. Entering a city costs half the plain's AP's.

Sometimes you will run out of AP's, however don't despair. There are several ways to get more of them.

You can become a paying party by paying the subscription; you then receive 100 AP's an hour, even whilst you are sleeping and not playing. With 2400 AP's a day you can spend a reasonable amount of time playing the game, if you go on holiday for a while you get lots of AP's to spend.

The quick fix is to select the "Bonus AP(Votes)" option from the menu, this enables you to increase your AP's by up to 1000 every day, a significant gain.

Finally if you've already used your bonus AP's then you have to wait, you will recover AP's but at a far slower rate. Come back tomorrow and you can use those AP's and another lot of bonus ones, however we strongly recommend that if you enjoy the game, start paying. It is a very cost effective way of spending time.