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Section I : Getting Started

Chapter 2: Understanding the Interface & your Party

The Interface

After logging in you'll find yourself in the "Show Party" screen. On the left hand of the screen there is a list of options, when selected most of them will give you another screen. On the right hand there is the game chat, you can talk about anything there that has to do with SfP. At the top of the screen is a précis of where you are and your current status

On the right hand side of this top section it shows you how many Action Points (AP's) you have used and how many you have left to use. The game works on the expenditure of Action points, a new party will start with 5000 action points and although this may seem a lot they can disappear quickly. You receive new action points over time at a basic rate of 20 action points an hour, If you find that you are enjoying the game but are in serious need of AP.s then you can donate to receive 100 AP an hour. It is also possible to get bonus AP's (no more than 1000 a day) by voting for SfP on various web links (qv).

On the left hand side of the screen there are group of options:

"Contact" This will tell you how to contact Peter, the Creator of this game. His account is Wolverine.
"Bonus AP(Votes)" Tells you how to receive more action points, up to 1000 a day by helping to promote the game. Using this option daily is strongly recommended, it lets you play the game for longer and also promotes the game on other web sites. Entries can be selected at varying frequency, several every six hours, so check this every so often.
"Game Status" This has information about the game itself, it includes the background history of the world. There is ongoing development work to expand this area by bringing the storyline more into the game.
"IRC Web Chat" This is a link to a java chat area for all Peter's games, come in and chat, you may find Peter or one of the Moderators there if you need help.
"Forum" Opens a new window which displays to the forum area for all the games where you can post questions and read many enlightening posts by other forum members. For SfP in particular there are three open areas, General, Design/Development/Bugs and Newbie.
"Player Pages" Gives you a list of all pages made by players of the games. Normally these concern the games. It is possible to create a page of your own here detailing your characters.
"Reload Chat" This useful when you want to read back the chat log of a previous day, or are waiting for a response from another player.
"Location Commands" A screen will open with a map of 5X5 squares, centered on the current location of you party. Below the map there will be all possible things you can do on this specific location. Note that you can only see the occupants of the squares within one space of your party, the inner 3 x 3 box.
"Show Party" Displays a further menu from which the various opens will display everything about your characters including skills, gold, health and equipment.
"Item Management" Lets you decide on the equipping and unequipping of items, transferring items between characters other parties or even offer items for sale. Each task performed normally uses 1 AP
"Cast Spell" Lets characters cast spells when you are not in combat. Casting a spell out of combat normally costs 3AP's.
"Use Item" Select this when you wish to use a magic item.
"Combat Settings" Opens a menu where you can decide everything about your combat: positions, spells to cast and retreat levels.
"Train" This option should be selected when you wish to let your men train on skills they have practiced in recent events.
"Camp and Rest" If your party is out of spell points or wounded resting will let you recover quickly. Inns can be found in towns but in the wilderness this is the best option. Recover is at the rate of 1 point for every 2 AP's used.
"Book of Blood" Gives you information about the Book of Blood. It is possible to sign the book of blood but read through this manual before you decide to do so.
"Rankings" Are lists of the characters that excel in specific skills, maybe one day your characters will find their place in there.
"Message" Allows you to send private messages to other parties/players within the game.
"Create Area" If you would ever want to create a new area for Strive for Power, click this option.
"Settings" Shows you some options about your party.
"Delete Party Members" This options allows you to remove specific members from your party. If every character is removed you can start your party from fresh.
The last 6 options are more administrative.
"Add Player Page" Lets you create a html-page on the server. Of course this page should be about the game (a manual, an introduction to your party, an alliance page,...).
"Donations" Gives you information about donating and the advantages you get.
"Sponsors" Tells you something about the sponsors.
"Logout" Will bring you to your Master Account menu,
"Main Menu" Will get you at the main menu.
"Conduct & Privacy" Tells you about the rules of conduct in the gaming environment.
The "Show Party" Screen
"Show Char Info" Will show you how many gold your characters have with them, how many hp's they are missing and how many mp's they are missing. Other than pooling your gold (which costs an AP) this is the only location that your current gold is shown.
"Show Char Scores" This shows you the six basic skills of your characters: Strength, Endurance, Agility, Charisma, Divinity and Magic. They all speak for themselves. Divinity is for Healers. and Magic is for Mages.
"Show Melee Skills" Shows you the skills of your characters in the five melee weapon classes: Blade(daggers, swords), Axe, Blunt(maces, hammers, war mauls), Staff and Unarmed.
"Show Missile Skills" Tells you about your characters skills with the three ranged weapon classes: Bow, Crossbow and Sling.
"Show Defence Skills" Will give you the three classes of defence. Melee Defence, Missile Defence and Magic Defence.
"Show Armour Skills" Will show you the four class skills of using defensive armour: Shield, Leather(armour), Chain and Plate.
"Show Other Skills" Shows the four other skill classes. Streetwise (gathering rumours), Herblore(gathering herbs), Haggling(selling and buying items) and Class (the main skill of each character).
"Show Calculated Attributes" Gives you information about the total weight of the items your characters are currently carrying, the subjective load (how much it weighs for them; the load factor is the major modifier for the AP movement cost) and the current amount of HP's and MP's your characters have.
"Show Spells" Will show you all the spells that (some of) your characters can do and also their skill level in each of these spells.
"Show Equipment" Gives you a list of all items your characters are carrying with them. The detailed information concerns amount, weight, whether they have been identified or not, whether currently equipped or not and any possible magic effects.
"Show Temporary Effects" Tells you all about spells that have an effect on one of your characters for the moment. You'll also see the duration (in aps) and the power (in skill points) of the spell.